passion and values

Family, real friends, making dreams come true, but also constantly raising the bar and helping those we are able to help. This is what is the most important in life. Despite the success, Dawid Urban knows that he could not achieve so much only by himself. The greatest value - also in business - is a man, no matter his job position – he emphasizes. Only a good and loyal team and the support of loved ones are the key to success. Business is not easy, so Dawid approaches the life with humility and thanks God for giving him strength. At the same time, he believes that hard work, perseverance, strategic thinking and support of creative teams will allow him to implement new global projects.

Passion and values

Every day Dawid Urban is involved in the activities of over 20 different companies as an investor or owner. Although work is his passion, Dawid thinks it is worth finding a springboard, thanks to which we can reset and collect our thoughts. Motor sport has always been such a field for him. Love for race cars has resulted in the start of adventure with rallies. Since 2016, he regularly participates in car events and more often manages to record successes in this field too, achieving, among others, third place during the Dacia Duster Cup Safari Rally, which is part of the Polish Rally Car Cup.

However, rallies give way to the number one passion - family. Dawid worked on his success for 10 years without any holidays. Before the success – there were many defeats, especially during the initial years of his business activity – in such moments he could always count on the support of his wife and family, who encouraged and stayed with him in times of doubt, also when he was not yet a well-known entrepreneur. The family won’t let success going to his head and protects against the temptations of today's world. At the same time, children give him the greatest motivation to act, and although in life and business he draws from the experience of the elderly, it is from the youngest that Dawid learns empathy and absorbs their optimism.


Dawid Urban comes from a small town of Kaliszkowice, where from his childhood he worked with his grandparents at a farm. Although his parents encouraged him to learn, Dawid preferred spending time on helping them run a shop. As a 10-year-old he was dealing with several issues at once - from deliveries to clients and getting to know the business from the inside out - on a small model. He has never treated it as a duty and to this day - he likes what he does and his childhood experiences have given him a solid business foundation.

At the age of 22, he started a real adventure with trade, offering clients various gadgets. Dawid spent most of his days on the road to present products directly. Lesser successes were interspersed with failures and business experiments. In 2007, one of such experiments resulted in the import of the first batch of electronic cigarettes. The product was condemned by many to failure at the very beginning. Despite the critical voices - along with his partners, he did not give up and in a short time their small company started to bring profits. E-cigarettes have gained customers' trust as a healthier and cheaper alternative to traditional tobacco products. Within 10 years they have managed to build the CHIC capital group and the largest e-cigarettes sales network in Europe - e-Smoking World.

However, his achievements would not be possible without a lot of trusted employees. Dawid has always made sure that the company has a family atmosphere, even when the number of employees exceeded 1000 people. To this day, he supports and helps them, not only on professional grounds, because he believes that in life it is worth being good and sharing your success. For years Dawid has been actively supporting charitable initiatives, including the Siepomaga Foundation, founded by his brother Patryk and local initiatives at his hometown and the Ostrzeszów poviat.


Let’s talk business

Dawid Urban invests in creative and innovative businesses. He also seeks new possibilities to cooperate with other investors and companies. If you came up with an idea or would like to become a business partner do not hesitate to leave your message.