Dawid Urban is looking for modern solutions and technologies that can revolutionize the markets. He invests in smaller, start-up ventures as well as in companies offering traditional products and services that have already developed their position in the industry. The key is, however, to focus on those companies that, acting on the basis of innovations, have a chance to become leaders in their segments. When making the investment decision, Dawid thinks not only about the long-term development of a given company, but also about its impact and possible cooperation with other companies in my portfolio.


By providing financial support to new entities, Dawid analyzes what brands have hitherto been in his portfolio and how they could cooperate with other companies. The flow of know-how and the mutual exchange of experiences within the group favors faster development of companies and creates an opportunity for commercial cooperation. Each acquired company is a potential new business partner for existing brands. Being in a group, the companies feel stronger and create a solid, multi-branch base, which gives the whole group an advantage and is an asset in obtaining further investments and development.


As an entrepreneur with several years of experience, Dawid Urban was involved in the implementation of a number of investments and projects in Poland and abroad. He co-founded the e-cigarettes distribution network from scratch, which became the European market leader with almost 1000 points of sale and an online store. He builds lasting relationships with business partners and provides support in sales activities on many levels. Thanks to numerous contacts, knowledge of market rules and the cross-section of industries, he effectively helps selected entities to achieve their goals and plan to expand on the market. Dawid works with a team of specialists from various fields, ready to support the newly acquired companies substantively and commercially.


Let’s talk business

Dawid Urban invests in creative and innovative businesses. He also seeks new possibilities to cooperate with other investors and companies. If you came up with an idea or would like to become a business partner do not hesitate to leave your message.